Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::ResourceLimits - Limit the memory and/or CPU of child spamd processes


  # This plugin is for admin only and cannot be specified in user config.
  loadplugin     Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::ResourceLimits

  # Sets to RLIMIT_CPU from BSD::Resource. The quota is based on max CPU Time seconds.
  resource_limit_cpu 120

  # Sets to RLIMIT_RSS and RLIMIT_AS via BSD::Resource.
  resource_limit_cpu 536870912


This module leverages BSD::Resource to assure your spamd child processes do not exceed specified CPU or memory limit. If this happens, the child process will die. See the BSD::Resource for more details.

NOTE: Because this plugin uses BSD::Resource, it will not function on Windows.


resource_limit_cpu 120 (default: 0 or no limit)

How many cpu cycles are allowed on this process before it dies.

resource_limit_mem 536870912 (default: 0 or no limit)

The maximum number of bytes of memory allowed both for: